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A Landlogic crop walk on farm where we have done survey workLandlogic provides a wide range of precision farming. Our clients come from the agricultural, forestry, NRM [Natural Resource Management] and earthmoving sector. Critical factors for success has been an emphasis is on a practical approach to GPS [Global Positioning System] use in the field. We currently have four 2cm accuracy survey units and the latest in mapping and analysis software.

We provide simple farm maps showing arable areas right through drainage plans and soil type maps. GPS farm surveys provide elevation contour levels, down to 5 cm height accuracy.

Landlogic are licensed resellers of biomass satellite imagery. They identify management zones for targeted inputs and rectify soil and drainage problems. Historical and current season growth rates of crops, pastures and trees can also be identified across your property. Using established research individual paddocks are divided into management zones dependent upon crop types, seasons, soil type and topography. This enables easy identification of soil sampling sites, creation of VRT [Variable Rate Technology] Maps and targeted application of lime, gypsum, deep ripping and surface drainage.

Our Services

  • Farm Maps - Your first steps towards precision agriculture

A farm map from Landlogic is the essential first step into precision farming. Being better informed enables better decision making in buying, budgeting, leasing and general farm planning.

  • Field Surveys - Collecting the data to map soil properties and field performance variations

Paddock level data transforms a Farm Map into a precision farming tool. Unlock your farms potential by surveying your paddocks. Map your your soil types and work together with business partners suppliers and advisors. Landlogic conducts topographic and EM38 surveys. We also process clients precision farming data, including spraying and seeding records, and harvest yield data.

  • Precision Farming Consulting

Landlogics' surveys and plans match machinery tramlines to fences, soil types, drainage and natural features. This part of the service matches together results from the initial consultation, survey and data collection. Data is analysed, mapped and ground truthed to deliver a tailored solution to match your needs.

  • Biomass Sales and Management Zones - Paddock zone analysis for profitably managing paddock variation

Landlogic is one of DLI's licensed biomass resellers in WA. Our focus is on affordable whole farm biomass solutions. Affordability allows paddock level management zone creation over a whole farm. Significant variations in yield within crop paddocks are a well known fact. Identifying effective management zones has been a difficult and expensive exercise until know.

For more detailed information about our precision farming solutions download our latest Landlogic Brochure (PDF)
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